Chapter 28

Long long ago, in a land far far away…


Unsurprisingly, Pretty the Peachick wasn’t the ideal companion for the road. It started something like this. Hi my name is Pretty the Peachick. My nickname is Princess Pretty, the Peachick. My name means that I’m pretty, which of course I am. What about yours? Oh, Quackling? You mean you’re a quack, quack quack like a duck? Like the ugly duckling? LOL. That’s so ridiculous.

It got worse from there. They came to a river. Quackling started dipping her feet in the water, getting ready to swim across. Alas! Pretty could not swim. Argh, all the ducks I met were so jealous of my prettyful, colourful feathers, she snarled. So much prettyfuller than their boring shades of grey. They were oh-so-jealous that they never taught me to swim!! I could show you if you want, Quackling offered. (Uh, or you could just, you know, fly across… right?) Show off, Pretty put her head high up in the air. Swim! Where did you ever get such an idea. You make it sound like I want to be an ordinary quack like you.

Uhhh, Incy Wincy interrupted. I don’t want to tell you off, but I don’t think you should be telling this kind of stories. What if Pretty reads it, you know?

Oh well to cut a long story short Quackling remembered her promise to the cockatiels who helped them both. They got back to Far Far Away without murdering one another.

That’s all folks. The end.


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