Chapter 26: Spidery Specials

Long long ago, in a land far far away…

STOP! These are like, the worst stories ever! Said Incy Wincy. Fine. So Quackling dug up some silly spidery stories full of sing-alongs. Two unpublished, forgotten, long-lost stories from long ago, when the spider was still incy wincy. When  Quackling used to tell fairy and quack tales to make her laugh. When Incy used to cry because she hated nap time 🙂

Story one goes like this.

Once upon a time there was an ugly quackling. It was so ugly that it went and hid in a bush. Then it got dirtier, and even more uglier. All the other quacks laughed and sang, trolololololol!

Everyone else in the room can see it,
Everyone else but you…
You don’t know oh-oh!
You don’t know you’re uuu-gly!

Heyyyy, that’s not nice! Said Incy Wincy. Shoooo, get away from quack quack, I love ugly and dirty. See, I love rolling around in the mud. Round and round, round and round… all the way to town. And I’ll put some mud on you Quackling, hehehe! Nooooo, yuck! Aww, said Incy, all disappointed. But messy is my favourite!

Story two goes like this.

Once upon a time there was a wolf. What’s the time Mr Wolf? It’s nap time, the wolf shrilled happily. Yay, nap time, my favourite! Said Quackling. She quickly went to bed. After awhile Quackling found herself in a pot! Mmm, quack quack soup, my favourite! Mr Wolf slurped. But Incy came along and said, wait what just happened, I HATE nap time! The wolf pounced on Incy and almost gobbled her up. Watch out! Cried Quackling. Yet Incy just did nothing. Nothing but sing that is.

Today I don’t feel like doing anything
*whistle whistle*

I just wanna lay in my web…

Then Mr Wolf said, what’s that silly song? You loser, Incy hissed, it’s not the silly song, it’s the lazy song. And Incy started to sing it again. And again. And again. On repeat. Until Mr Wolf was so annoyed and ran away. Argghhhh, this is my worst nightmare!

Quick Incy, get me out of here, cried Quackling. I’m in a massive boiling pot of soup! Too bad how sad. Nah, I’ll help you. Incy climbed nimbly up a branch and hung over the pot by a thread of her web. Hold on quack quack! The web was too slippery. Stop spitting Incy! I’m not spitting and wow your anatomy is terrible. It’s called a spinneret and it’s not even from my mouth. Whatever. Quackling tried and tried to grab on, but it was no use. She was resigned to her fate. Oh I wish I could fly, Quackling lamented. Then Incy sang another song –

I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky
I think about it every night and day,
Spread my wings and fly away…

Wait, that’s it! I can fly! I can fly! Quackling flew out and she was free. Happy endings are nice, aren’t they?

That’s all folks. The end.


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