Chapter 21

Long long ago, in a land far far away…

Sure enough when the hot summer sun came around, the fat cat no longer wanted Quackling’s warm fluffy feathers. Fine. Nevertheless, they napped beside each other on the cool wooden floor of Quackling’s freshly renovated nest. That was, until Mo left her friend for one of those squawky neighbours whom Quackling hated so much. 

His name was Ivis the ibis. Like Ivy but not quite; like Elvis with an I. At first Mo didn’t like his scruffy and off-white feathers. Neither was she impressed with his explanation that the long black beak was quite harmless – no, not for pecking, but only for digging deep into rubbish bins. He however, was very much impressed by her mantra that fowls are friends, not food. He also pointed out that she was every bit as scruffy as he was, with her unkept fur tangled together with dirt and grass from rolling in the yard. Oh, how is that she doesn’t see what I see, he sung passionately. We are simply puuuurrrfect for each other!

One pleasant summer night, he took her out to the leafy corner-store. They say green potions are the magical solution to all ailments. They say, it even has the raw power to overcome the pain of unrequited love. Just one piece of ginger, two stalks of celeries, three sticks of carrots, and a handful of spinach and kale leaves later, the fat cat burst out in a stanza of love –

“You elegant fowl!
How charmingly sweet you sing!
O let us be married! too long we have tarried:
But what shall we do for a ring?”

Ivis wasted no time and immediately took out a plastic ring, which was scavenged from the depth of a bin. Or was it from the slippery snout of a pig? Never mind the details now – love is blind anyhow. The last anyone heard, the two were happily sailing off under the moonlight, so bright, tonight (that’s right) on a beautiful kale-green boat.

Quackling swung herself up a tree branch, all mopey and disappointed that her fickle feline friend left her all by her lonesome self for a fairer fowl. Soon, a great big black canine walked by. Mind if I join you? He asked.

That’s all folks. The end.


One thought on “Chapter 21

  1. Ha, first cat, now dog, Looks like there will be more carnivores in the tails 🙂





    在一个舒适额夏夜,他把她带到一个长满叶子的仓库中(leafy corner-store, how to translate this?)。听人说绿色的药剂除了能治疗各种疑难杂症外,绿色的药剂还有原始之力,能够克服没有回报的爱所带来的痛苦(what is unrequited love in Chinese?)。在吃了一片生姜,两杆芹菜,三根胡萝卜以及一把菠菜和甘蓝菜后(who eat the ),那只肥猫就在也按耐不住内心的感情,吟诵了一段情诗:


    Ivis 毫不犹豫地拿出一个他在垃圾堆里捡到的塑料戒指。 莫非这就是戴在猪鼻子上的那个圆环?不要在意这些细节,因为爱情是盲目的。听说他们两位就在那天晚上,在明亮的月色下,乘着一只甘蓝菜做的船,幸福地驶向远方。

    Quackling跃到了树枝上,目睹了这一切。她的心中充满着伤心和失望。因为她那只多变的猫友离她而去,只留下她孤零零的一位(I don’t understand what is “left her all by her lonesome self for a fairer fowl”? *_*)。没多久,一只巨大的狗狗走了过来。我可以加入你吗?他问到。


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