Chapter 20

Long long ago, in a land far far away…

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

This is a story of Quackling and two cats. Quackling’s wanderings came to a halt again at the crazily crowded woods. Her new neighbours were these huge pesky feathered creatures with long black beaks, plump white bodies and skinny black legs. They did not look like they could walk, let alone fly. Yet fly they did. In fact, they lived high up in the trees. Every morning they would gather on the branches until the branches were about to break. They squawked noisily and dropped droppings onto any unfortunate creatures who happened to pass under them.

Now about the cats – she met a fat cat whose first name was Mo and whose last name was also Mo. At least the name was easy to remember. Quackling, being a quack, was very wary of the cat with sharp claws and even sharper teeth. Nasty. But this one proved herself to be harmless. All she ever did was sleep. So she slept, got up for a feed, slept some more, lazily licked her paw, and slept again. Mo loved company and climbed onto Quackling’s lap for a cuddle. But Quackling shoved her off because she was big and heavy. Meowwww? The cat blinked at her pitifully. While Quackling was distracted, the cat helped herself back onto Quackling’s lap. This time she was fast asleep before she could be shooed away so Quackling gave up. Besides, it was cold and the cat was warm like a hot water bottle in winter. So Mo and Quackling became friends. Well not friends in the real sense because cats are fickle felines, but they were useful to each other for a time.

It was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair (the seasons are erratic in far far away)…

The days became colder and colder, and some days, the outdoor nest was completely inadequate. Even if was sunny as summer, neither the cat nor the quackling could get warm enough. No matter how tightly they curled themselves into little round furry balls, no matter how much they shivered or squirmed restlessly, no matter how many layers of thick feathers they layered on themselves. Fortunately, Mo knew of a cat called Cat with a properly insulated home. Cat-the-other-cat had a sturdy wooden cabin nearby, rumoured to be so sturdy that even the infamous big bad wolf himself failed to blow down. Not even after all his huffing and puffing.

On a particularly cold winters day they visited Cat in her cabin with bright candles and cosy seats around a warm fireplace. It was like a different world in there. While Mo in her typical lazy way stretched out with a purr of contentment and curled herself back up on the toasty cushion for an extended snooze, Quacking was trying to work out something about this Cat. This cat felt more human than feline, and infinitely more complex and wise than the other cat. Was she an artist? Cat sat quietly and observantly behind a big wooden easel inside her wooden cabin in the woods. What are you painting? Quacking asked. Ever creature has a tree, every tree a story, and the tree of origin is the key to unlocking many mysteries, she replied enigmatically. Uhh… what tree? Quackling was puzzled. Come back every week and we’ll paint your tree together, deal?

That’s all folks. The end.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 20

  1. Ha, is the cat Cat Lisa in Sydney? What is the tree of origin? Sound mysterious! Can’t wait to read next chapter to find out ^_^




    这是Quackling和两只猫咪的故事。Quackling的旅行再次停在了一个茂密的丛林中。她的新邻居是几只巨大的,讨人厌的有羽毛生物(What is the name of this bird?)。他们有着黑色的鸟嘴,肥白的身躯和瘦得皮包骨的黑腿。他们看起来既不会走也不会飞。然后他们确实是会飞的。事实上,他们住在很高的树上。每天早上他们就会聚集在树枝上直到树枝快要这段为止。他们发出吵闹的叫声并往下方丢东西(what is the droppings they dropped?)。这对于刚好从树下走过的生物无疑是悲催的。


    春天带来希望,而冬天则带来绝望(远方的四季非常奇怪的。。。)(not very sure how to translate this…)

    所幸的是,Mo知道了一只叫Cat的猫咪,这只猫有一个隔热效果很棒的房屋。Cat在附近的那个木制小屋据说坚固到一个地步,甚至连那只臭名昭著的大灰狼(Wow, wolf from the 3 pigs story 🙂 )也无法将其吹倒。甚至他使出最终奥义也没有什么卵用。



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