Chapter 19

Long long ago, in a land far far away…

Lived a little quackling who didn’t want to be a quack. At least, that was how it was in the beginning. The scary pond was scary because she didn’t know how to swim properly and was afraid that the water would gobble her up. The dreadful pond was also dreary and sad. The poisonous pond was poisonous because it was where gentle little quacklings gradually transformed into big quacks who cackled evilly as they pecked everyone else into their places. Nevertheless, this little quackling spent many hours, weeks, days and months swimming in the pond because that’s what quacklings do. She spent just as many hours, weeks, days and months dreaming up elaborate plans for her escape. Prison break!

When the time came for Quackling to leave, she was quite excited… and a bit scared… But to her surprise, she found that by this time she didn’t even dislike the pond much. If the big quacks were obnoxious, if the fish were particularly tricky to find, or if the laps around the pond were particularly long and tiring, then so be it. If the pond meant the world to featherlings who wanted to impress with their perfectly polished feathers, if they wanted to catch the big quack’s eyes by exhibiting their prowess at catching even the smallest paedocypris progenetica, then they could go about doing as they pleased. Most days she would do go and return, with little recollection of what happened in-between. And even less recollection after a good snooze. After that, if any hint of badness remained, she would get together with her featherling friends and complain until the badness evaporated into thin air.

Truth be told, she liked bits and pieces of pond life. The busy pond, brimming with life (and death) was full of interesting stories – happy or sad, funny or horrifying. Chasing fish and catching them as they struggled to slip away was perversely satisfying. Most bigger quacks were only sometimes big bad quacks. Many were really quite skilful and she liked to help herself to freebies from their bag of tricks.

Not long after leaving, Quackling started pondering about the pond. Was it time for her to change her name? If ponds are where little quacks hang out, is she still a quack if she doesn’t do what quacks do? What if she forgets how to swim?! Should she visit the pond once in awhile? Did she actually miss the pond or was this a classic case of the Stockholm syndrome? When she started to envisage trips back to the pond, Quackling quickly dug up the scroll upon which she had written a long wishlist of things-to-do for when she was finally free. But after all this time, she didn’t feel particularly creative and wasn’t too sure about what she was interested in any more. How unfortunate!

That’s all folks. The end.


One thought on “Chapter 19

  1. Hi sister, recently I consider to find a sound and suitable Chinese title for your quack tails. I have come up with some, which one you think proper? 鸭兽历险记,鸭精传奇,鸭客行,长翅者联盟,池塘风云录,鸭力觉醒。。。Which one u like? :p May the Force of Quack be with you!




    当Quackling要和那里说再见时,她无比兴奋的同时又有些恐惧。但此时她惊奇地发现她不再那么讨厌这个池塘了。如果那些大鸭子让人讨厌,如果那些鱼特别难抓,如果池塘周围山坳长得累人,那就这样把。如果池塘对于长羽毛的生物是展示他们的华美的羽毛的地方,如果他们为了要得到大鸭子的赞善就要展示他们捕捉宝石鲻鱼的能力。那么他们就会尽情地去这么做。大部分的时间里她往返于池塘,途中的事她记住的不多,特别是在甜美的小憩后会忘得更多。(”Most days she would do go and return, with little recollection of what happened in-between. And even less recollection after a good snooze”, not very sure about this one)之后如果心中仍然有一丝不好的情绪,她就会和她的羽毛朋友们聚在一起互相抱怨,直至那最后的一丝不良情绪消逝在稀薄的空气中。




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