Chapter 3

Long long ago, in a land far far away…

Lived Quackling who came home to the two zebras every evening after the sun had dropped off the sky. One evening Quackling was eating some mmm delightfully delicious slimy wriggly worms.  You have to appreciate your food, a little spider had once told her. The zebra whose first name was Zee sat beside her. Zee watched the clouds even though it was dark and there was nothing to be seen. The younger zebra slept lazily with four hooves facing the sky.

Quackling took a deep breath and almost opened her bills without a quack, again. She tried one more time. I, I, I, I’m not a zebra, and I have to run along now, she said. She waited. Zee nodded kindly and said, of course, I understand. One long summer when Quackling lived on a sunny island with a family of chipmunks, she thought she could chitter chatter chitter chatter as well as a chipmunk could. She loved them, loved to be one of them, and didn’t really want to leave. But deep in the bottomless pit of her heart, she knew she was neither a zebra, nor a chipmunk.

She packed her feathers and went off once more, to search for her real family. Her feathers were so heavy because she had a huge collection – some plucked from the wing of a flamingo, some of the belly of a canary, others from other feathered friends, big and small.  She loved feathers because you could glue them on, yank them off, and look so silly. Now, as Quackling waved goodbye and ran along, she thought she could almost hear a squawky voice over the hills and far away. Mother duck said Quack Quack Quack. But only one teeny little spider came back. Yikes!

That’s all folks. The end.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 3

  1. Ha, sister, I feel ur little stories funny and I like reading them. Translating these stories is really interesting.







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